Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Key Items. January 2013.

Number one:
- a set of acrylics.
I love acrylic nails, they are so nice to have on and they allow you to feel pampered every time you get them done.
I really like the glitter acrylics and I've always loved black acrylics. In the UK prices range from around £20 to £30, but they last a long time and are well worth it.

Number two:
- Studded leather jacket.
I am in love with Topshop's studded leather jacket. It's perfect, vamp up any outfit with this jacket, from a dress to jeans and a vest top. It's also great for a night out! It would be perfect on a winters night when out on the town as it looks expensive and keeps you warm. This jacket can be found in the Topshop sale for around £30-£40 reduced from £70. It's a bargain!

Number three:
- monochrome midi dress
Monochrome is very in this season, it is the sort of style that never really goes out of fashion. You can style it with anything it's safe but can also be daring at times depending on how you wear it. Midi dresses are also extremely popular and have been for a little while, as the new season is becoming closer the clothing is becoming newer and also there are many twists on the clothing from the last season for example the monochrome midi dress this is a perfect example of the mixture of styles this season. This monochrome midi dress is from Topshop and is also in the sale.

Number four:
- Leatherette Love
Leather is a big fashion statement at the moment. It's super sexy and really allows your figure to crave the attention of others. It's great for a night out but you can even sport it in your day to day routine but obviously you don't want to go to work or collage in full leather, that would be a bit over the top hehe.
I am really loving MissGuided's leather midi dress, it is very figure hugging and would go great with a pair of suade boots. It is a very popular item on the missguided website so if you desperately want it then keep checking their site to see if it has been updated and restocked.

Young Rapunzell♕


So I got my Flatforms, and I love them!! They are so comfy and stylish definatly glad I got them. I advise you all buy a pair also!

For tips and tricks on how to style them see the post below.

Young Rapunzell♕

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flatforms; River Island!

I absolutely love Flatforms at the moment and have done for the past few months especially the ones from River Island. The ones I wanted in the beginning were a black lace version of these but they are now sold out. But I do like these just as much as the black ones and shall defiantly be buying them! Considering they have been reduced to £10 'BARGAIN'.

You could team them with a cute little skater skirt as I have done, and a nice top or t shirt for a dressed down look and maybe add a leather jacket or a parka. You could also wear these with a midi dress but preferably a black one and a statement necklace.
Also if you are really wanting to dress down they would look nice with a pair of skinny jeans, plain t shirt and a black cardigan.

Tips and Tricks.

Young Rapunzell♕

Girl Crush: Ellie Goulding!

I have a serious obsession with Ellie Goulding at the moment her voice is just incredible! She is so different and such a unique singer, her new album is a must have.
I love how versatile she is within the music and fashion industry, she is just a jem.
P.S: love her hair tehe!

Young Rapunzell♕

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Topshop - Nail Varnish

Looking through Topshop's website I became interested in their nail varnish. The bottles and the colours are so nice, the bottles are really cute yet the colours determine the theme or style of the nail varnish. When I visited Topshop I took a little look at their make up and nail varnish and I really thought the nail varnish colours stood out and were a lot different compared to other nail varnishes that I have seen. I highly recommend that you buy a few bottles of this nail varnish!

Young Rapunzell♕