Thursday, 21 November 2013

autumn update!

Berry colours are very in this time of the year! They suit the season very well and always look nice. I love berry lip colours aswell as berry coloured clothing, I find the colours so classy and tasty looking! Berry coloured coats are a must have! They look so warm due to their colour and they also look so mature and classy which is one of my favourite styles of clothing. Berry colours just scream gorgeous! And they are just perfect.

Big hair is in as always and I love this look, it's lovely! It reminds me of a fairy tale hairstyle. I could easily wear this to a Christmas party or a night out, I just love it so much. 

I love playsuits, they are so cute yet casual but can be dressed up aswell! MissGuided have some gorgeous playsuits out at the moment, this being one of them. I think it's stunning, it looks very simple yet glamourous due to the high neck and daisy pattern. Perfect with a cute black or monochrome clutch bag, dark lip and some killer heels, your now ready for a wild night out!

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

Monday, 4 November 2013

Primark A/W 2013.

Primark have begun selling the perfect A/W clothes out there, they are cheap and cheerful. The ooze grunge and are absolutely gorgeous! The images I have used are from the Marie Clare website. These were just a few of the outfits I fell in love with out of the 150 images they have supplied with all the perfect outfits or clothing pieces. I already have a couple of things from their new range and I love them! They are great for this seasons fashion, most are a lot like what is on the runway which is just what I like to see. 
I adore the outfit in the first image! I think it's plain yet perfect, it really grasps the grunge theme and I would happily wear it, maybe even team it with a leather jacket. I have a major velvet crush.
Outfit number two. The lady in the tartan dress. Tartan is in this time of year again and it's taking the high street by storm. Nearly every clothing shop I have seen has tartan and we all know why.. Because it's perfect for this season!!
I think the dress is adorable and id wear it with my maxwell Topshop boots and some black or navy frilly socks.
Image number three, this outfit is very lady like with a gothic twist to it. The long skater skirt is very regal yet the lather makes it so much more edgier. I have also seen a skirt like this in Topshop but more of a PVC material. It is also more expensive than this one. But this is lovely! I really like the outfit.
Image number four. I love the burlesque theme to this outfit, leather and leopard print? Yes i find it very sexy. Perfect for a night out with some killer heels. The bandeau and leather skirt alone look amazing and sexy but the jacket on the cold nights just make it even more sexier.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

Thursday, 17 October 2013

hey hey shoes shoes.

1. eBay Gold and black buckle boots:
These boots range from about £20-£30.
These are amazing boots, a key item for any grunge lovers wardrobe by far! Team them with a pair of frilly socks and some cropped mom jeans! You can also wear them with a cute little dress and tights + dark frilly socks.
2. eBay Suade platform shoes: 
I found a pair of these shoes at around £17.99 these were the cheapest I have seen, others can climb to the price of £25. But I do love them. Perfect if you don't want to wear heels on a night out but want some height! 
3. eBay high platform creepers:
These are around £20 they are a lot like the YRU shoes which are their own brand. Id class these as a sort of cheaper replica but they do look a lot like YRU shoes. I really like how much height they give and how different they are.
4. eBay wedge platform heels - in baby blue:
I adore these shoes they are so cute! I would love a pair for a night out I think they would look amazing as they are not plain and boring due to their colour and style. They would go great with an lbd just to add that little bit of colour needed! Also you could wear them with a silver dress or even gold if you are really daring. They also do them in baby pink, black, cream and I think they also do them in red.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

Croppy & PVC!!

Yesterday I took a spontaneous shopping trip to Liverpool and as always I went into Topshop and found things I love. I found a PVC midi skirt and a velvet strappy crop top. I found the crop top in the trick or treat section in Liverpool as Topshop have done a Halloween section this year and it's amazing! And found the PVC skirt on the second floor near the new zine section. I absolutely love these clothing pieces, a lot of people say to me oh you wouldn't be able to wear them on a night out but what I say back is, you can wear whatever you want! Your showing off your clothing and fashion sense. Be proud of it! 
There were a few other things I really liked aswell including a big denim jacked in the sale and also a monster crop top in the sale. I was also looking for a dress that I fell in love with last time I went to Topshop but unfortunately I could not find it so they must have sold out :( 
Oh well! Maybe I will find it online (fingers crossed).
I also went into ark and resurrection and found some amazing clothing pieces including an all in one piece that has a lace top and worky looking trousers but it was amazing! Also I found a red velvet dress that was really nice. It looked so classy and expensive where as it wasn't really that much money!
All in all I had a really good day and found some really nice things. I also bought some shoes but I will be putting them up in a separate blog post! Hope you enjoy reading.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

Thursday, 10 October 2013

likey likey.

I am in love with frilly socks especially the Topshop ones!! They are so adorable and comfy I have about six pairs in a variety of colours but still want more! They are on offer in many Topshop stores as 3 for £8, where as normally it's £3.50 for one pair so you save quite a bitconsidering  it's only socks, but try are definitely worth the money and look amazing with boots! I usually wear mine with Maxwell Topshop boots £36.00 and a pair of black tights and a dress or velvet skirt and top! A must have.

The NAKED2 make up palette-
The naked2 make up palette is by far one of my favorite palettes the darker colour are a lot more pigmented especially the black, this is one of the best black eyeshadows I have used in a very long time, I like the browns aswel especially the darker browns with the shimmer to them they really look nice on your eyes, I would prefer if they did a very nice sparkly iridescent sort if white as that's my favourite type of white! But all in all I really like this palette it's very nice, a little on the pricey side but still very good. You can get it a lot cheaper on eBay or amazon.

I absolutely adore missguided and their fashion styles they capture everything I love in fashion and influence a confidence in me to wear my favourite trends! I really do like this selection of clothing I find it most intriguing, leather and velvet! Two of my favourite styles out there of all time. I love how they have incorporated the  trends into odd pieces of clothing such as a pair of platform Chelsea boots. This is an odd composition of style but it's absolute genius!! They are the perfect example of the fashion trend taking the fashion world by storm. 
The second bizzare fashion statement is the leather playsuit! A playsuit to me is usually girly, chiffon or based around a floral pattern. This is not. It is all leather and absolutely amazing!! It oozes sexiness and is perfect for all you fashion forward ladies. 
The leather jumper to me is a very odd decision for a jumper but it's that odd it works. The opposites attract theory works completely here as you would expect a jumper to be wooly where as this is not.. it's PVC/leather. 
I love the velvet bralet it's very sexy and cute at the same time you could wear it with anything! A black skirt, or disco pants, a pair of shorts.. The possibilities are endless. And finally the skirt! I had never seen these shaped skirts until this year and recently loads of people are buzzing about them, I find the idea a very smart take on the original mini skirt. Also the fact it is in leather as well it makes it twice as appealing.. As people can probably guess I love leather.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛



I think Topshop could easily be my all time favourite clothing shop along with Missguided obviously as they are both my favourites! I find them always on trend with everything. I never have a bad word to say about them, my favourite trend they have at the moment is the gothic and grunge trend I find it very seductive and alluring. 
The clothing they create and sell are just amazing and really set the bar for fashion these days, I find that other clothing companies and shops really look at TOPSHOP as competition which is great as it makes them a hundred more times better and gives them the boost that may be needed for high street fashion. 
I also really like the make range in Topshop, it is so versatile! I love the nail varnishes as they are very colourful, a lot of them are really cute and some are so sparkly it's unreal. I also love their new matte range. I think that their take on the new dark lippy theme is perfect I absolutely adore what they have created it just fits in with their gothic theme of clothing and creates an even bigger fashion statement. 
I am subscribed to the daily emails from Topshop, I love receiving, I love finding out the new key trends or the promotion codes (obviously heheh) or even the style for the day. They are exciting to receive and open each day.
Most of all I just really love Topshop it's self.. Even walking into one if their stores I get so excited as I am anticipating the chance of spending money on something I love. That is when you know you have spent your money well.. When you spend it in Topshop.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛


Image supplied from instagram.
OhMyLove is a relatively new clothing brand that has recently been taken on by TOPSHOP. They have began selling their clothing in Topshop and I really really do like their items for sale, from what I have seen being sold so far I am in love with this outfit shown and also their lightweight metallic dress with a low back! I highly recommend you check them out as they are going to be very big very soon!

Hopefully when I get the chance I will be buying many things from this clothing company! I am very excited to do so!!

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Image one, top left:

Image two, top right: Topshop.

Image three, bottom left: I'm not sure where these are from but they are just like Louboutins.

Image four, bottom right: eBay.

I love this set of shoes, they are all very different yet similar in some sort of way. They are very quirky and spontaneous! That is what I like about them all, I like the shoes in image one as they are extreemly  different and a little crazy! 
I like the wedges in image two as they are very classy and sophisticated, you can wear them with a lot of different things.
I like the boots in image three as they are very sexy, they ooze sexiness and I have seen many celebrities wearing them.
I am in love with the boots in image four! They are so in right now and are perfect for the trends right now and for future trends, I would label the style they signify as grunge or gothic! Which is probably why I like them so much as I adore grunge and gothic styles. When searching for them on eBay type in black gold buckle boots. Price ranges from around £25.99 - £30.99.

Hope this post invited you to check out a few new styles of shoes.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

COBALT- This is more of an electric blue, it adds a sudden twist to a darker outfit and boosts the fashion appeal of the outfit. The pictures in the image explain exactly what this hue is all about, its about capturing attention through a single colour much like the theme of red. For example a lot of suits for women are in the colour cobalt as they are so much more interesting that a black suit, it can show your personality by a single ensemble.
Image from MissGuided on Instagram.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

RED- stand out from the crowd and become a fashion statement in all red. Bright red is a risky colour to wear but if you dare to wear, do it in style! Accessorise sparingly and always ensure it is classy. gold rings and earrings or a large silver or gold necklace alone. Another bold statement is the red lip, a red lipstick can really make an outfit pop! When wearing a plain-ish outfit a red lipstick can add the bit of class to the outfit were as when wearing a statement outfit for example a sequin dress a red lipstick in matte is a safer yet still a statement look. 
I find that a long red dress really en-captures the look of a classic beauty, you really stand out from the crowd as not many risk a long red dress. Even a short red body-con dress can be the biggest statement of all, as long as you accessorise right you can be the belle off the ball.
Photograph from MissGuided on Instagram.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

This is an image I found on the MissGuided Instagram, it captures the trend perfectly. Black is in again!
From black leather to black fur, black on black is trending. This trend enables you to go out in all black and not be accused of going to a funeral, I am a serious culprit of the all black trend, everyone constantly points it out but i choose not to listen because my style is my style at the end of the day.. so don't listen to people if they point it out because its fashionable!! A/W is a big one for black head to toe so keep an eye out for the hit clothing pieces as a lot of clothing will be hitting the stores very soon that is the colour black. My favourite thing to wear in black is leather, I find that leather is so complimentary to a figure it shows off your body in a way another item off clothing could not! It is also very edgy and sexy. The best thing about black is it goes with everything, I guarantee even if your not the type off person to wear black you could put a black item of clothing or black shoes with any outfit of your choice, its just a really good all round colour.
Always be confident in what you wear, and don't let anyone make you feel bad for your clothing choice.. just think, they weren't brave enough to take a risk, and risks get you places.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛  
OXBLOOD - This is a very vampy colour that can bring out your inner darkness! There are a lot of celebrities sporting a maroon lippy or jackets in this colour, such as Rihanna, Cara Delevingne.
It is an all round colour that can change the colour of a persons wardrobe a little if they have a knack of wearing a lot of black, it is an easy twist on dark clothing and is just the right amount of colour needed to perk up a dull outfit. Lipsticks in this colour are also extremely popular this A/W, they are taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. I find them so seductive and sexy due to the darkness yet sophistication of the colour. My personal preference is darker lipsticks as they appear more classy compared to the brighter lipsticks such as pink, but then again due to there being so many ranges of lipstick these days you can find many many different shades of a certain colour for example there isn't only bright pink there are many shades of pink. 
Photograph from MissGuided's Instagram.
Click on the image to be directed to MissGuided :)

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

I have decided to look at the colours and hues of the next two seasons with the help of and also I have also been looking at the public's fashion sense and looked into the styles and colours they have been wearing recently as we are vastly approaching autumn and winter.
Photograph from MissGuided's Instagram.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

Monochrome Magic!

Monochrome is in this season, check out 'Look Magazine' 11th of February 2013.

Top 10 Monochromed items in descending order:

10. Quirky printed t-shirts

9. Peplum Dresses

8. Lettered Tops

7. Chic Statement Trousers

6. Long Dipped Back Blouses

5. Statement Ankle Boots

4. Trainer Wedges

3. Court Shoes

2. Leather Jacket

1. Tight Shiny Disco Pants

Young Rapunzell♕

Monday, 4 February 2013

Leather Midi Dress!

So I bought the leather midi dress that I spoke about in my last post and I love it!
It fits like a glove apart from the fact it's not a glove hehe.
In the photograph I have styled it with a pair of plain patent platform heels from NEXT and a side swept hairstyle. The outfit is just a brief idea of what it looks like on a person, when going out I would wear the dress with a pair of suede and boots and a studded clutch for a very vampy look.
The dress is from MissGuided; one of my favourite online shops! And it's amazing it's defiantly what I was looking for. The only problem I have with it is my bum has got bigger recently and when taking the dress on and off it's a bit if a squeeze but it is stretchy material so it should be ok.
Defiantly recommend you go and buy this item of clothing! It's a nifty twist on the classic midi dress and I can see it becoming something a lot of people are going to want!

Leather midi dress - £14.99

Young Rapunzell♕

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Key Items. January 2013.

Number one:
- a set of acrylics.
I love acrylic nails, they are so nice to have on and they allow you to feel pampered every time you get them done.
I really like the glitter acrylics and I've always loved black acrylics. In the UK prices range from around £20 to £30, but they last a long time and are well worth it.

Number two:
- Studded leather jacket.
I am in love with Topshop's studded leather jacket. It's perfect, vamp up any outfit with this jacket, from a dress to jeans and a vest top. It's also great for a night out! It would be perfect on a winters night when out on the town as it looks expensive and keeps you warm. This jacket can be found in the Topshop sale for around £30-£40 reduced from £70. It's a bargain!

Number three:
- monochrome midi dress
Monochrome is very in this season, it is the sort of style that never really goes out of fashion. You can style it with anything it's safe but can also be daring at times depending on how you wear it. Midi dresses are also extremely popular and have been for a little while, as the new season is becoming closer the clothing is becoming newer and also there are many twists on the clothing from the last season for example the monochrome midi dress this is a perfect example of the mixture of styles this season. This monochrome midi dress is from Topshop and is also in the sale.

Number four:
- Leatherette Love
Leather is a big fashion statement at the moment. It's super sexy and really allows your figure to crave the attention of others. It's great for a night out but you can even sport it in your day to day routine but obviously you don't want to go to work or collage in full leather, that would be a bit over the top hehe.
I am really loving MissGuided's leather midi dress, it is very figure hugging and would go great with a pair of suade boots. It is a very popular item on the missguided website so if you desperately want it then keep checking their site to see if it has been updated and restocked.

Young Rapunzell♕


So I got my Flatforms, and I love them!! They are so comfy and stylish definatly glad I got them. I advise you all buy a pair also!

For tips and tricks on how to style them see the post below.

Young Rapunzell♕

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Flatforms; River Island!

I absolutely love Flatforms at the moment and have done for the past few months especially the ones from River Island. The ones I wanted in the beginning were a black lace version of these but they are now sold out. But I do like these just as much as the black ones and shall defiantly be buying them! Considering they have been reduced to £10 'BARGAIN'.

You could team them with a cute little skater skirt as I have done, and a nice top or t shirt for a dressed down look and maybe add a leather jacket or a parka. You could also wear these with a midi dress but preferably a black one and a statement necklace.
Also if you are really wanting to dress down they would look nice with a pair of skinny jeans, plain t shirt and a black cardigan.

Tips and Tricks.

Young Rapunzell♕

Girl Crush: Ellie Goulding!

I have a serious obsession with Ellie Goulding at the moment her voice is just incredible! She is so different and such a unique singer, her new album is a must have.
I love how versatile she is within the music and fashion industry, she is just a jem.
P.S: love her hair tehe!

Young Rapunzell♕

Sunday, 6 January 2013

Topshop - Nail Varnish

Looking through Topshop's website I became interested in their nail varnish. The bottles and the colours are so nice, the bottles are really cute yet the colours determine the theme or style of the nail varnish. When I visited Topshop I took a little look at their make up and nail varnish and I really thought the nail varnish colours stood out and were a lot different compared to other nail varnishes that I have seen. I highly recommend that you buy a few bottles of this nail varnish!

Young Rapunzell♕