Wednesday, 9 October 2013

This is an image I found on the MissGuided Instagram, it captures the trend perfectly. Black is in again!
From black leather to black fur, black on black is trending. This trend enables you to go out in all black and not be accused of going to a funeral, I am a serious culprit of the all black trend, everyone constantly points it out but i choose not to listen because my style is my style at the end of the day.. so don't listen to people if they point it out because its fashionable!! A/W is a big one for black head to toe so keep an eye out for the hit clothing pieces as a lot of clothing will be hitting the stores very soon that is the colour black. My favourite thing to wear in black is leather, I find that leather is so complimentary to a figure it shows off your body in a way another item off clothing could not! It is also very edgy and sexy. The best thing about black is it goes with everything, I guarantee even if your not the type off person to wear black you could put a black item of clothing or black shoes with any outfit of your choice, its just a really good all round colour.
Always be confident in what you wear, and don't let anyone make you feel bad for your clothing choice.. just think, they weren't brave enough to take a risk, and risks get you places.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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