Wednesday, 9 October 2013


Image one, top left:

Image two, top right: Topshop.

Image three, bottom left: I'm not sure where these are from but they are just like Louboutins.

Image four, bottom right: eBay.

I love this set of shoes, they are all very different yet similar in some sort of way. They are very quirky and spontaneous! That is what I like about them all, I like the shoes in image one as they are extreemly  different and a little crazy! 
I like the wedges in image two as they are very classy and sophisticated, you can wear them with a lot of different things.
I like the boots in image three as they are very sexy, they ooze sexiness and I have seen many celebrities wearing them.
I am in love with the boots in image four! They are so in right now and are perfect for the trends right now and for future trends, I would label the style they signify as grunge or gothic! Which is probably why I like them so much as I adore grunge and gothic styles. When searching for them on eBay type in black gold buckle boots. Price ranges from around £25.99 - £30.99.

Hope this post invited you to check out a few new styles of shoes.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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