Sunday, 23 December 2012

Weekend offender!!

Ok, so this weekend I may have gone a little overboard with the alcohol but it's christmas sooo it's okay hehe.
I went to the eighteenth on Friday and instead of wearing a sequin dress I decided to team a "sequin top" with some disco pants!
The "sequin top" is not actually a top it is a play suit that I put my disco pants over, and had a lot of compliments for the way I looked which was good!
The playsuit is from Motel and the disco pants are from BANK. I love them both!
Just a brief update.

Signing off..
Young Rapunzell♕

Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Shopping!

The trip was a late last minute one as we experienced bank problems (so annoying) yet me and the mother made the most of our day! We went shopping to Wrexham on the 15th of December which is a Saturday. We spent a lot of time in Primark and bought a lot off stuff, defiantly a success as I picked presents for each of my family and myself, I felt very special as my sister allowed me to shop for her (doesn't happen often) and she wanted me to get her stuff that I am into which is great to think she looks to me for clothing advice and styling tips!!
I found my self an amazing denim jack which was studded in Primark and also some super comfy PJ's and some cute bras, there was a lot more but if I named it all you'd be here for days haha!
I also visited eagles meadow and went to Topshop, BANK and River Island, I saw some AMAZINGGG jewellery in Topshop but was unable to get it as I ran out of time to go back and buy it at the end off the trip and it was extremely expensive unfortunately :(
I bought some disco pants from BANK and a top covered in beaded crosses for my night out on Saturday and I will also be wearing my new Disco pants to a party on Friday. I did find some cute sequin dresses but they were expensive as well which was annoying so I'm off to Llandudno tomorrow to find a sequin peplum top of some sort..
I am extremely pleased with all my finds from Wrexham and can't wait to open them from under the Christmas tree!!

Signing off for tonight..
Young Rapunzell♕

Friday, 14 December 2012

Baby it's cold outside!☃♪

It's December and the cold nights draw in extremely early, whether you plan cosy nights in or brave nights out December is a big month or fashion also! This year when looking at clothing websites I have noticed a lot of sequin ensembles, also very Victorian style outfits which if I must say are gorgeous. When looking at a clothing website I usually look at what's hot and all the different trends, I also as any person would look at every single page of clothing just incase I miss something. I have noticed sequins, velvet, lace and baroque are very in at the moment also the Lycra/leather look is in. The dresses range from midi lengths to short strapless dresses, there are so many at the moment it's to hard to pick what to wear!
I am defiantly hoping to get a really nice sequin strapless skater dress, I find them so elegant and playful at the same time. Originally I thought they were a little tacky but at the moment I can't seem to get enough of them! The only problem I have is I'm on a budget and the cheapest I have seen is £40 which is expensive for just a dress I find. Especially as when you wear full on sequins you can't always wear it as it's a statement outfit, you would defiantly get caught out wearing it numerous of times.
I think it's defiantly time to go and raid the shops for a new dress preferably strapless with sequins. I can defiantly say I will be braving the cold next weekend in a new dress. But tonight I think it's a good chance to get on top of my studies.


Young Rapunzell♕

Thursday, 13 December 2012

i'm loving..

'i'm loving..' Is going to be an update of what I'm really loving throughout the months, this month I'm really loving my Hot Chocolates with loads of cream or melted marshmallows which is perfect as we are experiencing very cold weather. I am also really loving glittery nails, whether they are ombred glitter nails or nail art including glitter, I just really like the look of them! Getting my nails done shall defiantly be on my Christmas List. Also Nike Blazers! A lot of people seem to like these at the moment but I have two favourites, the bright blue ones and the black ones, they just scream 'AMAZING', they are around £60-£80 which is annoying as they are so nice and a girl on a budget is not going to be able to afford them unfortunately. Christmas sales hopefully!!!
Pastel coloured hair.. This was very popular in the summer but a the craze has died down a little I think I am liking it a bit more, it did like the colours and styles originally but they did get a bit boring as everyone was getting it done, I think it nice to see others with it but unfortunately no one will let me dye my hair as it is all natural -.-
EYESHADOW! I loooove eyeshadow, cat eyes are they best, I usually use browns for my eyes with a really extreme eyeliner that makes my eyes look very cat like.. Also my eyelashes add to the catty look, but I defiantly am loving a extremely pigmented eyeshadow at the moment.
Gabrielle Aplin, I adore her new song 'The Power Of Love' it just gives me chills every time I listen to it, in a good way obviously. Her voice is so soothing it really makes you want to listen more and more and mooore! Defiantly a must listen to.
Sequins, I love sequins at the moment! I've always thought they look rather tacky but there are certain dresses that look stunning covered in sequins. It also really depends on who wears the dress as well a sequins all over a dress are not always the most flattering. The dress in the picture is from MissGuided who I absolutely love their clothing is devine!!
Defiantly must check out their website which is

Young Rapunzell♛

Young Rapunzell♛

Erica here! I thought I'd give blogging another try, I have not really been in target for what I want to do and really getting to grips with my future, so I though resorting back to my blog would really help pull some strings and influence me more and give me inspiration! I feel that it will tug on the creative strings again and get me into action a bit more. So here goes.. I have decided to name my blog Young Rapunzell♛ as I now have extreemly long hair and I am young and a budding fashion stylist and photographer! So I thought the name really fit in well with my forté of work.
I am currently studying A Levels, for example I am studying A Level photography and also Media, I also have been working on qualifications in my welsh bacc to help me get university points. The main aim is to get into the University Arts of London which is shortened to UAL, here I am wanting to focus on studying Fashion Styling and Photography so it all really fits what I want to do as a career! I am still into the modelling and want to go down that route of work but I am focussing on the qualifications for now.
So instead of waffling on about me and my ambitions I think it's time I put all my ideas into progress and began to update my BLOG!

Young Rapunzell♛