Friday, 14 December 2012

Baby it's cold outside!☃♪

It's December and the cold nights draw in extremely early, whether you plan cosy nights in or brave nights out December is a big month or fashion also! This year when looking at clothing websites I have noticed a lot of sequin ensembles, also very Victorian style outfits which if I must say are gorgeous. When looking at a clothing website I usually look at what's hot and all the different trends, I also as any person would look at every single page of clothing just incase I miss something. I have noticed sequins, velvet, lace and baroque are very in at the moment also the Lycra/leather look is in. The dresses range from midi lengths to short strapless dresses, there are so many at the moment it's to hard to pick what to wear!
I am defiantly hoping to get a really nice sequin strapless skater dress, I find them so elegant and playful at the same time. Originally I thought they were a little tacky but at the moment I can't seem to get enough of them! The only problem I have is I'm on a budget and the cheapest I have seen is £40 which is expensive for just a dress I find. Especially as when you wear full on sequins you can't always wear it as it's a statement outfit, you would defiantly get caught out wearing it numerous of times.
I think it's defiantly time to go and raid the shops for a new dress preferably strapless with sequins. I can defiantly say I will be braving the cold next weekend in a new dress. But tonight I think it's a good chance to get on top of my studies.


Young Rapunzell♕

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