Sunday, 16 December 2012

Christmas Shopping!

The trip was a late last minute one as we experienced bank problems (so annoying) yet me and the mother made the most of our day! We went shopping to Wrexham on the 15th of December which is a Saturday. We spent a lot of time in Primark and bought a lot off stuff, defiantly a success as I picked presents for each of my family and myself, I felt very special as my sister allowed me to shop for her (doesn't happen often) and she wanted me to get her stuff that I am into which is great to think she looks to me for clothing advice and styling tips!!
I found my self an amazing denim jack which was studded in Primark and also some super comfy PJ's and some cute bras, there was a lot more but if I named it all you'd be here for days haha!
I also visited eagles meadow and went to Topshop, BANK and River Island, I saw some AMAZINGGG jewellery in Topshop but was unable to get it as I ran out of time to go back and buy it at the end off the trip and it was extremely expensive unfortunately :(
I bought some disco pants from BANK and a top covered in beaded crosses for my night out on Saturday and I will also be wearing my new Disco pants to a party on Friday. I did find some cute sequin dresses but they were expensive as well which was annoying so I'm off to Llandudno tomorrow to find a sequin peplum top of some sort..
I am extremely pleased with all my finds from Wrexham and can't wait to open them from under the Christmas tree!!

Signing off for tonight..
Young Rapunzell♕

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