Wednesday, 9 October 2013  
OXBLOOD - This is a very vampy colour that can bring out your inner darkness! There are a lot of celebrities sporting a maroon lippy or jackets in this colour, such as Rihanna, Cara Delevingne.
It is an all round colour that can change the colour of a persons wardrobe a little if they have a knack of wearing a lot of black, it is an easy twist on dark clothing and is just the right amount of colour needed to perk up a dull outfit. Lipsticks in this colour are also extremely popular this A/W, they are taking the fashion and beauty world by storm. I find them so seductive and sexy due to the darkness yet sophistication of the colour. My personal preference is darker lipsticks as they appear more classy compared to the brighter lipsticks such as pink, but then again due to there being so many ranges of lipstick these days you can find many many different shades of a certain colour for example there isn't only bright pink there are many shades of pink. 
Photograph from MissGuided's Instagram.
Click on the image to be directed to MissGuided :)

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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