Thursday, 17 October 2013

hey hey shoes shoes.

1. eBay Gold and black buckle boots:
These boots range from about £20-£30.
These are amazing boots, a key item for any grunge lovers wardrobe by far! Team them with a pair of frilly socks and some cropped mom jeans! You can also wear them with a cute little dress and tights + dark frilly socks.
2. eBay Suade platform shoes: 
I found a pair of these shoes at around £17.99 these were the cheapest I have seen, others can climb to the price of £25. But I do love them. Perfect if you don't want to wear heels on a night out but want some height! 
3. eBay high platform creepers:
These are around £20 they are a lot like the YRU shoes which are their own brand. Id class these as a sort of cheaper replica but they do look a lot like YRU shoes. I really like how much height they give and how different they are.
4. eBay wedge platform heels - in baby blue:
I adore these shoes they are so cute! I would love a pair for a night out I think they would look amazing as they are not plain and boring due to their colour and style. They would go great with an lbd just to add that little bit of colour needed! Also you could wear them with a silver dress or even gold if you are really daring. They also do them in baby pink, black, cream and I think they also do them in red.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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