Monday, 4 November 2013

Primark A/W 2013.

Primark have begun selling the perfect A/W clothes out there, they are cheap and cheerful. The ooze grunge and are absolutely gorgeous! The images I have used are from the Marie Clare website. These were just a few of the outfits I fell in love with out of the 150 images they have supplied with all the perfect outfits or clothing pieces. I already have a couple of things from their new range and I love them! They are great for this seasons fashion, most are a lot like what is on the runway which is just what I like to see. 
I adore the outfit in the first image! I think it's plain yet perfect, it really grasps the grunge theme and I would happily wear it, maybe even team it with a leather jacket. I have a major velvet crush.
Outfit number two. The lady in the tartan dress. Tartan is in this time of year again and it's taking the high street by storm. Nearly every clothing shop I have seen has tartan and we all know why.. Because it's perfect for this season!!
I think the dress is adorable and id wear it with my maxwell Topshop boots and some black or navy frilly socks.
Image number three, this outfit is very lady like with a gothic twist to it. The long skater skirt is very regal yet the lather makes it so much more edgier. I have also seen a skirt like this in Topshop but more of a PVC material. It is also more expensive than this one. But this is lovely! I really like the outfit.
Image number four. I love the burlesque theme to this outfit, leather and leopard print? Yes i find it very sexy. Perfect for a night out with some killer heels. The bandeau and leather skirt alone look amazing and sexy but the jacket on the cold nights just make it even more sexier.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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