Thursday, 17 October 2013

Croppy & PVC!!

Yesterday I took a spontaneous shopping trip to Liverpool and as always I went into Topshop and found things I love. I found a PVC midi skirt and a velvet strappy crop top. I found the crop top in the trick or treat section in Liverpool as Topshop have done a Halloween section this year and it's amazing! And found the PVC skirt on the second floor near the new zine section. I absolutely love these clothing pieces, a lot of people say to me oh you wouldn't be able to wear them on a night out but what I say back is, you can wear whatever you want! Your showing off your clothing and fashion sense. Be proud of it! 
There were a few other things I really liked aswell including a big denim jacked in the sale and also a monster crop top in the sale. I was also looking for a dress that I fell in love with last time I went to Topshop but unfortunately I could not find it so they must have sold out :( 
Oh well! Maybe I will find it online (fingers crossed).
I also went into ark and resurrection and found some amazing clothing pieces including an all in one piece that has a lace top and worky looking trousers but it was amazing! Also I found a red velvet dress that was really nice. It looked so classy and expensive where as it wasn't really that much money!
All in all I had a really good day and found some really nice things. I also bought some shoes but I will be putting them up in a separate blog post! Hope you enjoy reading.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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