Thursday, 10 October 2013

likey likey.

I am in love with frilly socks especially the Topshop ones!! They are so adorable and comfy I have about six pairs in a variety of colours but still want more! They are on offer in many Topshop stores as 3 for £8, where as normally it's £3.50 for one pair so you save quite a bitconsidering  it's only socks, but try are definitely worth the money and look amazing with boots! I usually wear mine with Maxwell Topshop boots £36.00 and a pair of black tights and a dress or velvet skirt and top! A must have.

The NAKED2 make up palette-
The naked2 make up palette is by far one of my favorite palettes the darker colour are a lot more pigmented especially the black, this is one of the best black eyeshadows I have used in a very long time, I like the browns aswel especially the darker browns with the shimmer to them they really look nice on your eyes, I would prefer if they did a very nice sparkly iridescent sort if white as that's my favourite type of white! But all in all I really like this palette it's very nice, a little on the pricey side but still very good. You can get it a lot cheaper on eBay or amazon.

I absolutely adore missguided and their fashion styles they capture everything I love in fashion and influence a confidence in me to wear my favourite trends! I really do like this selection of clothing I find it most intriguing, leather and velvet! Two of my favourite styles out there of all time. I love how they have incorporated the  trends into odd pieces of clothing such as a pair of platform Chelsea boots. This is an odd composition of style but it's absolute genius!! They are the perfect example of the fashion trend taking the fashion world by storm. 
The second bizzare fashion statement is the leather playsuit! A playsuit to me is usually girly, chiffon or based around a floral pattern. This is not. It is all leather and absolutely amazing!! It oozes sexiness and is perfect for all you fashion forward ladies. 
The leather jumper to me is a very odd decision for a jumper but it's that odd it works. The opposites attract theory works completely here as you would expect a jumper to be wooly where as this is not.. it's PVC/leather. 
I love the velvet bralet it's very sexy and cute at the same time you could wear it with anything! A black skirt, or disco pants, a pair of shorts.. The possibilities are endless. And finally the skirt! I had never seen these shaped skirts until this year and recently loads of people are buzzing about them, I find the idea a very smart take on the original mini skirt. Also the fact it is in leather as well it makes it twice as appealing.. As people can probably guess I love leather.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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