Thursday, 10 October 2013



I think Topshop could easily be my all time favourite clothing shop along with Missguided obviously as they are both my favourites! I find them always on trend with everything. I never have a bad word to say about them, my favourite trend they have at the moment is the gothic and grunge trend I find it very seductive and alluring. 
The clothing they create and sell are just amazing and really set the bar for fashion these days, I find that other clothing companies and shops really look at TOPSHOP as competition which is great as it makes them a hundred more times better and gives them the boost that may be needed for high street fashion. 
I also really like the make range in Topshop, it is so versatile! I love the nail varnishes as they are very colourful, a lot of them are really cute and some are so sparkly it's unreal. I also love their new matte range. I think that their take on the new dark lippy theme is perfect I absolutely adore what they have created it just fits in with their gothic theme of clothing and creates an even bigger fashion statement. 
I am subscribed to the daily emails from Topshop, I love receiving, I love finding out the new key trends or the promotion codes (obviously heheh) or even the style for the day. They are exciting to receive and open each day.
Most of all I just really love Topshop it's self.. Even walking into one if their stores I get so excited as I am anticipating the chance of spending money on something I love. That is when you know you have spent your money well.. When you spend it in Topshop.

Signed Young Rapunzell♛

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